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Bomb Sniffing Dogs and Detection Services

The use of highly trained dogs to investigate and identify potentially dangerous devices can be a highly effective and efficient way to improve security at your facility. Bomb sniffing, or detection, dogs are often seen at work at the nationís airports, corporate warehouses, logistic checkpoints, or other high-traffic venues, that require optimal safety. Terrorists are always looking to exploit security vulnerabilities in these venues, which is why the proper deterrence and defensive

solutions must always be in place.

Arrow Securityís bomb detection service is comprised of knowledgeable security professionals and bomb sniffing dogs that are expertly trained in the art of identifying, neutralizing and removing bombs and other dangerous explosives. This highly effective human/canine combination not only serves as a deterring force, but is also constantly scanning and patrolling your facility to identify and stop all explosive threats. Because we are a national company, we are set up to provide you with the precise solution for your needs, regardless of how many dogs you require, and where they are needed. Our canines, and their handlers, are extensively trained in detecting bombs and other harmful devices that could otherwise injure, or kill, employees and guests, and damage property. These types of dangers and disruptions pose a serious security threat to your company, and negatively impact your companyís image and brand, which youíve worked hard to create.

For these, and many other reasons, bomb sniffing dogs to improve explosive detection should be a key component of your organizationís security plan. While a bomb sniffing/detection unit can be very beneficial for various types of organizations, not just the typical venues such as airports or important checkpoints, it often takes a creative security director or facility manager that thinks outside of the box to introduce this type of solution. Give Arrow Security a call today and let's discuss how we can create a solution that is right for your organization.

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