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By Bob Fischer

Security is now a major and prime concern for many people in the present day. But people who are financially not capable of appointing private security guards should not worry. To tackle this problem of security, various types of security cameras are available to suit various security needs. Security cameras are now recognized and used as the standard method of monitoring properties, as they detect and often deter criminals. They truly act as your private security guard. Surveillance video is considered to be the most effective home monitoring solution, as it deters various crimes, including: theft, assault, vandalism and much more.

The scope of surveillance cameras in today's world are not just limited to government office or banks. CCTV cameras (closed circuit) are being used in houses as well. Major metropolitan cities have installed several CCTV cameras throughout the city as a means of deterring and capturing criminals. Use of DVR (digital video) is on the rise as well. These types of cost-effective cameras are very helpful in car parking zones to reduce car thefts. So sizeable is the advantage of security cameras, that even cities like New York and Chicago are beginning to use surveillance cameras more thoroughly throughout the city.

Initially analogue CCTV systems were used but the digital phase is slowly taking them over now. These digital security cameras work by transmitting the data feed via Wi-Fi technology to the Internet. From the Internet a digital video recorder or a computer can view the feed with specially configured web browser. Apart from the digital video security cameras, digital still surveillance cameras are also available. These cameras have motion detectors that alert the camera to take a photo when any activity occurs.

In today's ever changing technological world, there are a wide variety of options to choose from in the security cameras segment as well. There are spy cameras that range from the smallest to the most powerful covert spy camera in the world. Micro hidden cameras are ultra-covert and come with 2GB of RAM for fast-action snapshot video. Then there are night vision cameras that capture footage even in complete darkness. Manufacturers, such as Sony and LG, are involved in making the CCTV cameras, while security companies, such as Arrow Security, are involved in using these surveillance cameras to deliver more visibility and safety for the public.

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